VietSeeds - Huế

VietSeeds – Hue is a scholarship program that offers career guidance and mentoring for the underprivileged students in Hue. This project is conducted under the cooperation between VietSeeds scholarship, People’s Committee of Hue Province, and Hue University.


In September 2019, VietSeeds – Hue officially welcomed our first cohort of scholars and marked a significant milestone that VietSeeds Foundation is now the first non-profit organization in Vietnam having annual activities in all three regions of Vietnam: the North, the Central, and the South.


As the Foundation operates with the spirit of Pay It Forward, VietSeeds – Hue believes that students joining the program are the seeds bringing positive impact to the workforce in Hue in multidisciplinary fields. Moreover, we hope they can become potential leaders in the future.


  • Develop a network of Hue students who are active, creative, enthusiastic, and are able to lead in various fields.
  • The aspiration to make a difference, encourage innovation and make positive contributions to the community.
  • Connect national and international programs, ideas with Hue.



  • Train potential students to become enthusiastic young leaders who not only develop but also preserve their typical culture.
  • Promote equality in education in particular and in economic-social life in general.
  • Support the development of businesses and social organizations to create a stable network.