How we form Changemakers?

VietSeeds Training Program aims to equip the students with essential future employability skills, English proficiency, and most importantly, enhance their understanding and practice on life-long well-being. From which, they could become a change makers in the society.


Our L.P.L Training Model comprises of 3 main components to helps the students acquire those skills through a process of examining solid theorical foundation and applying those knowledge in real life context.

Learning of basic competencies
  • Workshops and classes on: Social emotional learning (SEL), Growth mindset, Personal financial management, English, etc.
  • Individual counseling
Practical learning
  • Case studies learning, ethics and values at work (RISE)
  • Training camp, Library, Sports
  • Inspiration sharing sessions, panel discussions
Learning by Doing
  • Career buddy
  • Internship program
  • Community service