The VietSeeds scholarship offers financial support to high-achieving students with demonstrated, significant financial needs, so they can be assured that their college education will not place a financial burden on their families. The typical amount of scholarship per recipient is 1,500 USD/year. This scholarship reflects the total cost of attendance for one academic year at a public university and is designed to accommodate a moderate college lifestyle.

Donations are transferred to VietSeeds Scholars on a quarterly basis.



Covering 90% tuition expenses for most public universities in Vietnam


Covering around 80% of VietSeeds program expenses (mentoring, training, etc)


Covering around 50% of moderate living expenses test for fun

Our scholarship scheme is designed to reach the neediest and most qualified students to become VietSeeds Scholars.

Targeted Group
  • Newly accepted college students with outstanding academic and community achievements but lack financial supports to pursue university education.
  • Priority will be given to remote provinces with economic difficulties.
Selection Criteria

Financial needs:

  • Annual household income 
  • Verification of no significant valuable assets 
  • Special conditions (single parent family, orphan, minorities, excessive medical expenses for direct family members, etc.)

Academic results:

  • GPAs 
  • University entrance exam grades 
  • Awards

Other criteria:

  • Potential to become a catalyst for change to the community they belong to
  • Ethical standards 
  • Traits of community contribution
Selection Procedures

Step 1 - Application form

includes recommendation letters from teachers, essays, proof of family annual income and related documents


Step 2 – Face-to-face individual interview

to assess attitude, maturity and resillience


Step 3 - Assessment center

to evaluate collaboration skills, leadership potential and emotional intelligence

Annual Performance Review

VietSeeds conducts an annual performance review to (1) encourage Seeds to remain aware of self-development in all aspects and (2) motivate them to go further on their individual development journey. Seeds are independent in all activities, VietSeeds only guides and support them.      
Student’s performance is evaluated at the highest degree of transparency, based on well-defined and clearly-communicated criteria:

  • GPA
  • English
  • Participation in Training and VietSeeds activities
  • Mentoring


  • Individual Sponsor
  • Active engagement in VS activities
  • Attitude