Mentoring Program

VietSeeds Mentoring Program is a one-on-one mentoring program where a Mentee (a student receiving VietSeeds scholarship) will accompany a Mentor on the journey to grow and to reach their dream.


What can Mentee get when accompanied with Mentor?
  • Being matched with a suitable Mentor, either having the same major or other points in common. Mentorship will last until Mentee graduates.
  • Learning from the practical experiences of a Mentor. Thus, being able to establish a sense of direction as well as develop strategies for dealing with personal life crises
  • Gaining valuable consulting, encouragement and support from Mentor to discover more about strengths and weaknesses, from there building a suitable route to achieve goals.
  • Adding a great source of motivation improves and develops themself into a better version.
  • Having the opportunity to expand the network and become more knowledgeable through the networking event between Mentors and Mentees community.