May 17, 2023


The HSBC Business Case Competition is an initiative jointly organized by VietSeeds Foundation and HSBC Bank, with the aim of providing students from universities in Vietnam with an intellectual playground, opening up opportunities for young talents to demonstrate their capabilities, compete, learn and enhance their personal development.

After facing many challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic for 2 years, the HSBC Business Case Competition 2023 came back with a host of new things, promising to deliver a remarkable experience for the participants. Each team that advanced to the qualifying round will be able to attend training sessions and receive guidance directly from senior staff of HSBC. The champion team will be awarded a prize of up to 50,000,000 VND and have the chance to represent Vietnam in the HSBC Asia-Pacific Business Case Competition 2023. The runner-up and third place will be granted prizes worth 30,000,000 VND and 20,000,000 VND, respectively, along with many other appealing gifts.


After the intense intellectual competitions of the Screening Round and Qualify Round, the most outstanding teams to enter the Champion Round have officially been revealed. The complete lineup of the final round comprises 4 teams from the leading universities in Vietnam: The UD (Greenwich University Hanoi), LAVA (Foreign Trade University Hanoi), Bullet (RMIT University Ho Chi Minh City) and GROW (Greenwich University Da Nang).

On May 16, 2023, the final round of the HSBC Business Case Competition 2023 was successfully concluded. The ultimate victory was claimed by the BULLET team from RMIT Saigon University, meaning that such students from RMIT University will proceed to represent Vietnam in the Asia-Pacific Business Case Competition.

The final round of this year’s competition was attended by Mr. Tim Evans - General Director of HSBC Vietnam, Ms. Van Dinh Hong Vu - CEO of ELSA Speak and Co-founder of VietSeeds Foundation, Mr. Phan Quang Tuan - Representative Head of the Office of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) in Vietnam as the Jury. Alongside their attendance was the participation of the 4 teams from Greenwich University Hanoi, Foreign Trade University Hanoi, RMIT University Ho Chi Minh City and Greenwich University Da Nang. Furthermore, representatives from HSBC, VietSeeds, universities and many students in Ho Chi Minh City also joined the event. After 3 hours of diligent and rigorous problem-solving, 4 teams all came up with their solutions and confidently presented them to the Jury. Clearly, the knowledge, experience, courage and determination of the 4 teams were demonstrated and highly appreciated at this intellectual playground.


Once again, the Organizing Committee would like to congratulate the victory of the 4 teams:

✅ Champion: Bullet (RMIT University Saigon)

✅ Runner-up 1: LAVA (Foreign Trade University Hanoi)

✅ Runner-up 2: The UD (Greenwich University Hanoi) and GROW (Greenwich University Da Nang)

After the final round, the Bullet team immediately rolled up their sleeves and started preparing for the competition in the Asia-Pacific region.

At the regional level, through three rounds of competition and a six-day training process with experts, the students were required to solve real business situations in various fields. Each team had six hours to prepare to analyze the situation and propose a strategic plan, then 35 minutes to solve the problem, present and argue before the jury.

Finally, Bullet overcame 21 formidable opponents and won the third prize. This is the second time that a representative from Vietnam has achieved this commendable result.

The representatives of the organizing committee HSBC and VietSeeds also highly appreciated the success of the Vietnamese representative in this year’s competition. Ms. Huyen Ton Nu Cat Tuong - Co-founder and Executive Director of VietSeeds -commented that this result is a proof of the quality of education in the country, affirming the potential and competitiveness of the Vietnamese business environment in the future.

“This is the motivation for us to continue investing in improving the quality of education and equipping young generations with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed on the global business playground”, she emphasized.

It can be said that the HSBC Business Case Competition 2023 has achieved success beyond expectations. This is also the motivation for VietSeeds as well as HSBC to try harder in the next seasons.