Nov 26, 2023


On November 26, 2023, the F12 generation of students participated in a training session on Project Management Skills, a part of the Pay it Forward project by VietSeeds designed for second and third-year students. The Pay it Forward project aims to provide opportunities for students to learn and practice important skills through the development of a project. The Project Management Skills training session was facilitated by Mr. Truong Thanh Tra - Strategy Team Leader at Momo, who provided fundamental insights into project development.


Discussing project management skills encompasses various complex skills, so in this initial phase with the goal of helping students smoothly start their own projects, Mr. Tra introduced the project management process and focused on the first two phases: project initiation and project planning.

In the introductory part, Mr. Tra helped students better understand what a project is and whether each person has unintentionally managed a project before. He then concentrated on the pre-content phase of the project. Project initiation involves clearly defining the project's objectives, ensuring they are SMART, and answering questions such as: What is the purpose of this project? Why is this project needed? What resources are available? Additionally, Mr. Tra shared steps for planning the project, which tools to use for management, monitoring, and supervision of project activities.


Notably, through his presentation, Mr. Tra provided numerous real-world examples for students to reference, along with practical experiences he has accumulated over his working career. Furthermore, the training session featured valuable insights from the Green Puzzle project representative - Battery Recycling, which is a successful community project by VietSeeds students.

It is hoped that the valuable insights from Mr. Tra and the Green Puzzle project have provided students with new perspectives on developing their group projects. VietSeeds is immensely grateful to Mr. Tra for dedicating time to accompany and share knowledge with students on this topic.